2019 summer internshipS


Applications are now closed.

Our team is passionate about reaching people for Jesus. Plain & simple. Carrying out that mission is rarely plain, or simple. As Hosanna Wong Ministries is growing, our team is growing, our strategies are broadening, and we are prayerfully & purposefully planning for the seasons ahead. We invite you to join us.

what the internship involves:

Alongside of a team, your role is project-based and primarily (but not limited) to focus on:

  • Content & Creative Development

    • Leading a team of volunteers as part of our Content & Creative Development Program

    • Joining the team in creative brainstorming for new initiatives and products

  • Administration

    • Data entry and website development

  • Marketing strategies

    • Optimizing current social media + other marketing channels

    • Developing new channels

    • Interpreting results

    • Drafting and curating new marketing materials

You'll be part of our intern team and work closely with Hosanna’s Executive Assistant.

You do not need to be an expert in every single field! We are looking for someone who wants to learn with us, strategize with us, brainstorm with us, and with their unique skill sets & perspective, add on to this ministry’s reach in multiple ways. We expect interns to come in with an array of already-developed skill sets, and learn some while interning.


Your character is outstanding. You care deeply for the local church.  You love the Word of God and are passionate about pointing others towards freedom in Jesus. You are strategic. You think out of the box. You make mistakes. Your work overflows with humility, boldness and a superior level of commitment. You believe in excellence through & through– from small logistics to more public endeavors, you worship God with your best. You produce things from a place of conviction and purpose, not just for appearance and impressiveness, but to see real change in people’s lives.


I want to join the HW Ministries Team, but this internship isn’t exactly right. Is there another way for me to be involved?

Yes! Fill out the application, and leave your additional thoughts in the comments. We’re constantly expanding our team.

How old do I have to be?

Between the ages of 17 and 35.


No. Our team works remote and accommodates for timezones as needed.

How long is the internship?

The internship is 12 weeks. June 3 - August 19. If you have a schedule conflict, please let us know in your application.

How many hours a week is the internship?

The internship is 3-5 hours/week.

How many interns are you looking for?

Currently, 2. For the fall, there may be more.

is the internship paid?


Can I have another job while interning?


My school requires me to complete an internship with a non-profit, would this qualify?


How will I know if I have been accepted for the internship?

After submitting an intern application, you will receive an email from us within two weeks. However, there is a chance it will take longer than two weeks to review your application.