Our Favorite Day(s)

We decided to plan our favorite day, and just get married in the middle of it. With worlds, families, and friends spread throughout the country, with multitudes of homes we've found through various travels, and with vas layers of communities at hand-- and our most intimate of communities having never met each other, "our day" ended up being two... and it was perfect. One day, a family elopement. Our two best friends finally met, we did some of our favorite city things together, we arrived at a home we had found on AirBnb with a breathtaking backyard garden, basked in the most beautiful fall weather, and got married on top of Bernal Heights Hill in San Francisco amongst our immediate--and 20 other loved ones we consider--family. We ate, laughed, cried, and watched our worlds become one until far past sunset, with the city lights bidding us goodnight. 

I tied my dad's shoelaces around my bouquet--my mom had saved a pair of his old shoes--and I chose for this to be a moment for the two of us, as he "walked me down the aisle." He would have loved that. My mom gave me away. My dress (that I got married in) I had found at a vintage boutique thrift shop for $90 a couple months before (plus I re-designed the bottom and sewed some extra panels on it), and I was so, so in love with it. One of Guy's favorite things was having all of his closest friends in one place at one time, his family came from Michigan, friends came from Nashville, Minneapolis, Las Vegas, Sacramento, Orange County, Phoenix, and many other places, and it meant the world to him--to both of us, to have one day where all of our homes were together.

Our second day, wedding #2, we completed the traditions in celebration with hundreds of loved ones, dancing the night away. Some of my favorite things-- For my father-daughter dance, I danced with 4 dads and 2 brothers (read about it here), my dress I picked up the week before on a whim at Free People, and at any given moment my college friends were ruling the dance floor.  Some of Guy's favorite things-- The bountiful amounts of  hot wings, nachos, pizza, and tacos (everyone left full), extended family and friends from over 2 dozen states, and the best music the past decades have had to offer. It was a night for the books.

We're simple folk. And we like living our lives that way. Besides florals & greenery, there were almost no decorations. But the city skyline provided the most beautiful backdrop, our favorite foods provided the best of smells, and the faces of those closest to us provided the most amazing scenery. Though a minimalistic wedding, it was filled to the brim with love, joy, and the wondrous sounds of new beginnings...

Happy One Year Anniversary, my love. Life with you is so much fun.

Photos by Isaiah Beiser / beiserphoto.com