Less Things

Hey, my friends-- In response to the questions I've received about my choice of minimalism, the team & I have decided to release a single-- a piece from my heart that was written a while ago, but is not on any album. There's much to say about living a life with less things-- but the choice of minimalism means something different to everyone, & no one's journey is the same. Certainly, it's not "How to Own 50 Things or Less" or how loving your prized possessions is wrong. On the contrary, I know minimalists who own nice cars and have great homes-- but they don't have anything in their lives without intention and purpose. I know individuals who chose minimalism so they'd have the freedom to travel, and families with children who chose a lifestyle of less so that their kids grew up with more experiences than items, and so their home could house many guests. Again, everyone is different. It's not a check list. Or a cult. It's more of an outlook-- a decision to be rid of clutter, so we don't miss out on the important, beautiful things in life. It's a choice-- to not let consumerism, or the world's idea of status define how you live your life, make your purchases, or how you define yourself. I could talk about minimalism in clothes, social media dependency, nostalgic collectables, how we should only own what we love, etc., but the heart of my personal choice is this: I want to make room for an extraordinary life. I want to be intentional with the time I've been given. Let's not be so distracted by stuff, status, or the pursuit to always be buying the latest & greatest-- otherwise, our lives may pass us by, and we never had the chance to truly live it.

Hope you enjoy, "Less Things."

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Less things

More experiences

Less things

More joy in the world around us

Less things

More indulging in communities surrounding us

Less things

In hope to be free, and deliberately live lives of purpose


We can get so distracted

This culture of consumerism has conned us

Into letting materials and status define us

Piles of purchases have persistently persuaded us

That they will somehow fulfill us

But this pit is practically bottomless

If it were truly fulfilling we wouldn't keep having

To fill it

And all of our energy, all our time is wasted

On things that don’t add any value

And subtract from what's really important


But there must be more to living

Than competing to be impressive


If we

Emptied ourselves of our materialism

All that extra space

All that extra time

How would we fill it?


Less things

More conversations

Chances are high

That the world's greatest riches

Are in the lives

Of the people right next to us

Less things

More passions

The art of hobbies and daring dreams cannot be dead to us

Complacency and laziness

Cannot hold a flame to minds motivated by purpose

Less things

More investments

Into leaving legacies

That out-live trends

Into relationships

That can't be purchased

And that inspire others to live beyond them


For though we

Have become

A culture of hoarders

I want to propose this

That we start hoarding experiences

That we can't get enough

Of exploring new expeditions

That we become community gluttons

Obsessed with



And sharing life with everyone



In the end

Is not about owning less

It's about loving what we have more


And finding joy

In the things that grow you

The things that make you know you

Living the life you want to


Having less things

Is really

About having a life of more


I've chosen

To live my life a little more empty

So experiences, stories, and communities of people are what fill me


Less things

More intentions


Because in the end

Life is brilliant

And we don't want to miss it