I packed up my life into suitcases (one was purple) & shoved them into the trunk of my red Toyota Corolla.

It wasn’t glamorous. It wasn’t fun. It wasn’t easy. It stung-- like bees stabbing at an already bruised, broken and frail muscle that so happens to keep you alive. God called. I was saying, “Yes.” And that meant me leaving everything I knew and loved to follow something I was most certainly unsure of. I had no idea what I was doing.

That was 21 months ago.

On a journey to obey God, and hopefully find the person I was meant to be on stage, I ended up finding something much more powerful—the woman I could be offstage. Through families that showed up in my life and carried me, to homes that opened their door in just the knick of time, to conferences, churches, camps, and conventions filled with healing humans just like myself, I have found myself at a place I had never before dreamed of— a place of redeeming, restoring, beautiful purpose.


Along with my small purple suitcase, I traveled the country performing spoken word, preaching, writing, teaching, and somehow survived—in fact, thrived. And though it felt lonely at times, I ended up not being alone. Though I felt crazy at times, I ended up finding an amazing peace. And though the world might have classified me as homeless, it could not have been more wrong. I found family, everywhere. I found home, everywhere. I found a woman I am excited to be-- I found a reason to wake up, and a dream to live for. I find myself submerged in an entire world of community.

I have found myself home-ful.

I’m going to try to write about this journey, because maybe you’re like me and are intrigued by how God works through the unconventional. There will be stories of how I got here, what it was like in the thick of it, where it’s all headed, and probably some other things (people, the road, the church, smoothies, Batman)—it’ll all be intertwined, messy, & beautiful—a lot like this journey has been. Welcome to my blog. I hope you become a part of my family too.