A Mid-Tour Thought: Ain't It Funny?

Growing up, I remember kids making fun of me for talking really fast, memorizing random things, having a weird imagination, and being somewhat of a loner. It’s amazing to think that now I make a living doing all of those things. This 2011 Tour has been a throwback to 12-year-old Hosanna, a striving but ignored writer who begged leaders, teachers, and friends to read her writing, listen to her ideas, or at least stop making fun of her motivated but outlandish ambitions. During this tour--especially during California dates, I was constantly reminded of this naïve, free-spirited 12-year-old. I wanted to go back in time, comfort her and tell her, “Keep writing. Keep working hard. The things people find no value in, God will use to advance His kingdom.” I wish I could tell her that one day she would talk fast and rhythmically, using memorized Gospel passages along with her weird imagination to lead souls to Christ-- and although she’d need to embrace her loner-ness and travel solo for a time to do it, ultimately it would show other 12-year-olds that they too can worship God in their own way. I wish I could tell her. I wish she knew then what she knows now.

It’s funny how life goes. It’s funny how we sometimes let people talk us out of using the gifts God Himself has given us. It’s funny how we let a spirit of fear, or a spirit of insecurity quench our spirit of sincere, honest worship. We can worship God through anything He’s given us, even the parts that might seem strange to others, even the parts that might seem strange to us. What 12-year-old Hosanna didn’t understand at all is something that I am still continuously learning. Worship. Worship is far more than we have imagined.